Have Negative Energies Attached Themselves To You?

Etheric cord cutting is a technique used to cut the negative energies from others that may have attached themselves to you or that you may have sent out to another. Using this method, Archangel Michael is called to facilitate the spiritual healing and clear the negative energies..

During the course of our normal day, we have many interactions with others, both sending and receiving energy. Many people, including myself are quite empathic and tend to absorb the energy of others, both positive and negative. If it seems at the end of the day you are mentally exhausted, it may be a good idea to cleanse your aura and body of the negative energies that have attached themselves to your chakras.

What Causes Etheric Cords To Form?

Most etheric cords form between the people you are closest to, including a spouse, parents, siblings, and also co-workers and friends that you spend a good amount of time with. The cords can be thought of as similar to surgical tubing connecting you to another via your chakras.

Many times the cords form because of fear or distress, anger, unforgiveness, negativity, or other life challenges. Energy travels back and forth within this tube from your chakras to the other person.

Cutting these cords does not mean that you are ending a relationship with a particular person or that you will lose contact. Removing the negative energy between two people actually allows love to form and grow in a healthy way.

If you have ever started the day in a great mood and then had a run-in with a negative person and felt completely drained after the encounter, chances are an etheric cord attached itself to you and that person is siphoning energy from you.

Clearing and removing the cords is a spiritual healing practice that is best performed daily to keep your energy high and your chakras in balance.

How To Cut Etheric Cords

Find a quiet spot where you can be alone for a few minutes. Begin by taking a deep breath in through your nose and exhaling slowly through your mouth. Repeat a total of three times.

Close your eyes and call Archangel Michael either out loud or in your mind by calling his name three times. Once you can feel his comforting presence ask of him the following:

“Archangel Michael, help me heal by cutting all etheric cords that have attached themselves to me and sending them back to whom they belong. Fill the openings with beautiful healing white light.”

If you close your eyes while asking for the cords to be cut, you may be able to actually see the cords drifting away like a ribbon in your mind or physically feel them detaching from various chakras in your body. You may get a sense or vision of the person that you were attached to via the cords.

After a few minutes, you should feel a renewed sense of energy and calmness. Make this a daily practice to keep your energy your own.

Share Your Thoughts On Etheric Cord Cutting

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19 thoughts on “Have Negative Energies Attached Themselves To You?”

  1. Hello-
    I am not sure I can call this psychic ability, hence here.
    1. I have strong sense of smell for eg if milk will be spoiled in days, I can tell. What’s in food, if my hubby lies about smoking, I can tell. I used to smell dead rat is my hallway, at times freshly baked cookies or someone smoking on my face.

    2. I saw my demised aunt standing next to me when young soon after the news came as if she came to heed a visit.

    3. I have strong hunch when something or someone close to me is sad or in trouble/ thinking about me.

    4. I work in customer support. When the day starts, at times I can clearly sense if a client is angry or unhappy with something or know something is not right or have this strong feeling if my boss has anything to say or he’s upset.

    5. I also taste funny things at times. I taste sweetness in my mouth or at times too sour like lemon or at times tinge of some specific taste.

    6. At my parent’s new rental, I had hard time to sleep as at night I used to feel pressure on my chest as if someone was on top of me and also once I felt someone held me tight on bed and I couldn’t move and whatever it was it was touching my body. I used to wake up sweaty and shocked.

    5. My and my friend were on bike and all of a sudden a dog crossed our path. I still don’t know who it was but someone held my hand and kept it on right side of his head while him riding bike. We had an accident and we fell on the road divider and thanks to this unknown force, his head fell in my palm and he dint break his head. This really saved his life.

    Don’t know whether all this is just mind games or me.

  2. Hello Laura,

    This is great advice! Thank you so much. As an empath, I have found cord-cutting to be medicinal. I would like to make a suggestion, that when requesting Archangel Michael to cut a cor or cords, he or Archangel Raphael should be asked to seal the area where the cord was severed. If left open, this will leave a person vulnerable to absorbing too much of other individuals’ energy. In my case, I found this out after, I had several cords cut. I guess I must have been like Swiss cheese. I began to overeat like crazy and I had to put shields up a few times a day. Later, I learned that it’s crucial to seal and heal the area where the cord was attached. I had Raphael fix this, and I am fine now.

  3. I have a question please. Does cutting etheral cords have side effects? Lots of times when i do spiritual things I suffer for it with bad headaches, migraines, and wonder if that will happen if i cut a cord?

  4. Mahalo for your post!

    Perception: Cultural diversity, beliefs, practices, folklore, and remedial cures have, in recent years, changed.

    A continuous ‘attachment/’s’ has affected my life spiritually, physically, psychologically and at times, emotionally for about 16 years. As a child, the seed of our universal creator, in whom I call God, had been planted in me. This seed (love, light, hope and peace) is the foundation that holds me… up.

    Like certain medication, food, material or sound, each individual’s body reacts to it differently.

    This simple prayer brought a whole lot of ‘stuff’ up, out and then back again. My body went semi-numb. All pain had left. I could feel tugs/pulls from my head, neck, between the shoulder blades, chest, back, throat, arms and legs (chakra clogged/cord removal :>) whoosh. I became a bit nauseous when asking to ‘seal’ the areas – especially in the throat area. I didn’t consciously ask or want to see who it was, but will when the time is right.

    Apparently, it seem that in my case, those who ‘connect’ are well aware of it an enjoy the benefits.

    Now I sit here in double pain (between the shoulder blades). It was expected. More work to be done. Hey, 16 years of continuous attacks/attachments has its drawbacks. :>

    I thank God, his son Jesus, Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, our Aumakua guardian angels), Anela (angels) and universal, celestial warriors of light.

    Ahui hou kakou.

  5. I sense energy. Since I was a child I could feel it. Still do. It always frightens me. Because I don’t understand. Sometimes it’s chasing me. Watching me. Especially in the dark. I’m 30 now and all I want to do is understand, develop protective skills and help others who experience the same. Your information was helpful but I feel im still missing pieces.


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