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Energetic healing is a holistic form of healing that involves using the energy fields found around a person. Learn about Reiki, meditation, and auras. Information on healing benefits of reiki, attunements, music for reiki, and energy scans. Read about how Reiki can assist in healing your energy body.


Spiritual Weight Loss by Nannet van der Ham

Is weight loss just about cutting calories and exercising regularly? If it were so simple, why are more and more people hanging on to unwanted pounds? This is a review of the e-book For Oprah Spiritual Weight Loss by Nannet van der Ham. Nannet van der Ham is a writer, spiritual weight loss coach and […]

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Heal Negative Emotions Through Love, Acceptance, And Wholeness

Understand the first steps to heal negative emotions through love, acceptance, and wholeness. Embrace your shadow side and begin healing at soul level. If you have a spiritual healing business you know how important it is to keep your thoughts positive more often than not. Even if you are on your own spiritual journey, understanding […]

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