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Use Astrology to find out what your stars say about love, relationships, and your future.

Why the Number 4 Will Change Your Life This Year

Have you ever felt like there are innately powerful aspects within yourself that are dormant? And that, if awoken, could create unprecedented levels of joy, wealth, and abundance in your life? That there’s SO much more out there for you? That nagging feeling is no accident. And it’s always more intense around the new year […]

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Can You Get An Accurate Astrology Reading?

Do you love to read your horoscope in the newspaper but wonder why it is inaccurate most of the time? Have you ever wondered if there was really something to learning about your “sign” and if it wasn’t all just a bunch of crap? Find out how to get an accurate astrology reading. My early […]

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Find Your Time Of Birth For An Astrology Reading

Have you always wanted to get an astrology reading but don’t know your exact time of birth? Learn 11 ways to find your time of birth. This post is for those of you who bypass in-depth astrology natal chart readings because your birth certificate fails to list your exact birth time. Not everyone has a […]

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