Trusting Yourself and the Universe

How much do you really trust yourself and the Universe to bring you what you want and need? Have you set intentions over and over with no results?

A few days ago I set a monetary intention to be achieved by the end of the month. I guess I have been stressing about all of the hows involved in order to manifest my intention. I found myself grouchy, edgy, and annoyed. I decided to log in and use Automatic writing to talk to my Spirit Guides about what was going on. Here is what they said…

“You need to relax. You have set an intention, but you keep worrying about the result.  Here’s how you do it. Once your intention is set, you need to learn how to take inspired action. Worrying and worrying about how the money is going to come to you or checking your advertising earnings multiple times per day will not get you where you want to be.

The message you are sending out is that you do not trust the universe to give you the inspiration necessary. In essence you are not trusting in yourself. Make it a game. You have always done well with games and trying to better what you achieved before. You have the full ability to manifest your intention this month and much more. Learn to ask better questions. We hear you asking the same questions over and over again, but you are missing the bigger picture. The Universe is capable of bringing you all of your desires and more, if you will only allow it.

Going over the intention in your head is okay to an extent but it just brings in the energies of more worry. You can do this. Why are you so afraid of your the power you hold?  We love you. Trust us and be open to the money coming from different sources than you expect. Just allow it to happen. Can you say you trust the Universe completely to bring you what you want? Keeping changing your mind is a sure way to not get anything. Pick one dollar amount and stick to it all month. There is always opportunity to change the amount next month. Nothing is holding you back but your own fears right now.

Allow the support from the Universe to manifest and be open to odd new, but exciting ideas that could be anything from a new telephone call, something in the mail or overhearing what someone is talking about that makes the light bulb go off. Those are the signals the Universe is sending to you. They are messages from your Spirit Guides to assist you in manifesting your intention. There is never any shortage of ideas, it really comes down to how much you trust in the Universe and how much you believe in yourself.”

Trusting what you Get

When you have set an intention in the past and it has not come to pass, did you find yourself doing any of these things (like me)?

  • Changing your mind on your intention frequently as though you only get one chance.
  • Expecting the result to come in the form of a neat package in exactly the same form it may have come to you before.
  • Not believing in yourself enough to allow something good to come into your life.
  • Not following those new ideas to completion – did you take action or did you think the idea was just a fluke and wasn’t meant for you?

What has worked for you in manifesting a specific intention? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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Janet C - May 21, 2014

My first reading of any sort was a Tarot card reading, in person, of what I was going to do with my relationship and my career. I felt my dilemma was so difficult that I wanted to share everything–I had nothing to hide! I got what I wanted: an idea of the support/challenges I faced if I left or stayed in either area. I knew a lot already but kept doubting, so it was great to get validation from the cards (which I also understood a bit of). The validation also came in a form I didn’t expect: that I had made certain decisions already and didn’t want to hear what was good in the alternate path–I wanted to know what was ahead of me in the choice I had made! It was an illuminating moment. I’ve had several readings with different healers/oracles since then, and have come to trust the sessions will bring me what I need. And a lot of it is a more faith in myself, and (usually) some emotional release. My first thought nowadays when I walk into a session is: Where are the tissues?
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