Presence and Mindfulness During the Holidays

We could all use presence and mindfulness during the upcoming holiday season. With so many things to do you can end up feeling overwhelmed. So, I have put together a few tips and ideas to overcome holiday stress and keep your sanity.

We get so wrapped up in the to-do list that it becomes easy to be short with people. I think we all have a few family members that can push our buttons at times. So, here are a few things to keep in mind as we enter the holiday season. Enjoy and take in as much as you can. January will be here before you know it.

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Remember to Breathe

Many times, we get stressed out from family, shopping, or extra cooking and forget to pay attention to our breathing. Take a few moments and center your mind on your breath. By going within, you can keep your mind focused on the tasks at hand. Remembering to breathe can also clear your thoughts enough to keep you from saying something you may later regret if tensions within your family are running high.

Be Present

We have many parts of our holiday gatherings that we love. There may also be parts that we would love to change. Focus on being present with the parts that make you feel good and feel connected. Do you have a favorite activity that you do every year? Rather than just going through the motions, be present with as many aspects as you can and engage yourself.

Also stay in the present moment. All too often we start thinking about what happened in a past year or about what will change in the future. Looking at the past or future just leads to unnecessary stress. By staying in the present moment you can enjoy your visits and activities a lot more.


If you are visiting a relative’s home, notice and observe. Take in the decorations and find something that you connect to. Is there a decoration you have always admired? Tell them and give them a compliment! Notice how everything feels and the atmosphere of the home.

Notice what your body is telling you too. Your body is always giving you feedback. Turn down that party and take a night off instead.

Practice Mindfulness

Being mindful helps us stay in control when it comes to indulging in food or drink. There always seems to be a lot of extra high sugar and high calorie foods around that tempt us. Enjoy your favorites but allow yourself to pass on some of the extras. Pay attention to what your body is telling you and what you have learned about your body from the past. If dairy products bother you during the year, they will still bother you during the holidays.

Chakra balancing is another way to stay mindful and in the present moment.

Allow Joy and Happiness

Allow yourself to experience joy and happiness. The best way to do this? Start with yourself and share your joy and happiness with others. Be the one that lifts others up and find that feeling of joy returning to you.

How about you? What tips do you have to share about making your holidays less stressful? I would love it if you would share in the comments.

Laurra Warnke

Laurra Warnke is an empath and intuitive healer who helps you embrace your Sacred Soul Blueprint by viewing your Akashic record from a soul level perspective.

Through Akashic record readings, energy clearings, and spiritual business mentoring, she works with your Guides to clarify your life’s purpose, embrace your soul level gifts, clear energetic misalignments, and bring back the passion and spirit to your life.


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