Practice Automatic Writing

Learn to practice automatic writing as a way to connect to your spirit guides and higher self. Find detailed information on how to do automatic writing, including what to expect from your first few sessions. If you are new to this, read over some basics of automatic writing.

To begin automatic writing, find a comfortable spot where you like to write or clear off your desk to give you a calm space. Try to have at least 30-45 minutes of uninterrupted time available.

The writing can be done by hand, or if you can type faster than you can write, the use of a keyboard would be recommended. If you are using a pen and paper, use your favorite pen or pencil so that it is completely comfortable to you. Also, use stationary or paper that you find pleasing. A quality feel and texture can go a long way in setting the right frame of mind. Don’t use notebook paper with torn or ragged edges, use paper that you really like and has a good feel in your hands.

Clear your thoughts and begin by saying a cleansing prayer or meditation and then connecting to your higher self. Here is the prayer I use, although you may use whatever works for you to connect. You may customize this to what works best for you.

Arch angels… x 3, spirit guides…x3, my own personal team of guides, my higher self…x3. I wish to speak to only those guides that follow divine love, light, and peace. Please allow the information I am about to receive to come from my higher self as an extension of my heart, mind, and spirit.

Be realistic about the questions you are asking. Write or type your first question. Say silently to yourself…listen…and then wait to hear the response. Then type exactly what comes into your mind. Do not worry about spelling, grammar or punctuation. You can always go back and correct things later to make a more coherent document.

If any of your thoughts are not about the question you just asked, your mind is not clear enough to let the answers come through. Take the time to refocus and even possibly say the cleansing meditation again. There are also just times in your day when you have too much on your mind. If that is the case, put the writing away for the time being and try again when you are calmer and can focus better.

What to Expect

When you first begin to practice automatic writing, the answers you receive may just seem like random thoughts, but as you continue to ask questions, you will begin to hear that quiet inner voice that is your own. Get comfortable with that voice. It is the voice of your higher self, the one free of ego and fear. The more you listen to that inner voice and connect with it, the more confidence and self assurance you will gain.

There is an art to this and you will need to practice automatic writing, but in a dozen sessions or so, you should be very comfortable with the information you are receiving. It is rather like talking to a long lost friend. You will find that you are able to discern which of your thoughts are ego and which thoughts resonate with the real inner you.

Many times when you practice automatic writing, your guides have so much information to relay to you that it comes out rather quickly. If you find the message is jumbled and you cannot understand it, ask for the answer to be repeated more slowly back to you. Just relax and keep typing or writing.

Say thank you after each of the answers you receive. That way your higher self knows that you understood the answer and are ready to move onto the next question.

Don’t worry about spelling mistakes or other grammatical errors. You can always go back and correct the errors later after you are done. Don’t expect a completed document, it will be more of a series of short thoughts and quick answers. After you practice automatic writing for some time, you may be able to write longer passages more along the line of freestyle writing.

Accurate Information

How to know if the information you are receiving is really coming from your higher self or spirit guides:

Your answers will be much shorter and clearer than your ego would give you.

They will not contain fears or long detailed and drawn out answers.

They will not be wishy-washy answers.

The answers you receive will sound like you, but in a calm and collected manner. By listening to that quiet inner voice that comes through, you will begin to discern what is ego and when you are being given an answer that is real and true.

Your guides would never tell you to harm anyone else or to do something that was dangerous to your physical or mental well being. If you ever receive an answer of the sort, you are almost certainly not talking to your higher self. Say thank you and end the session.

Ending the automatic writing session:

Don’t be surprised if you are a bit tired after a session. This is something that can bring out a lot of buried emotions. Don’t try to do this for too long at first. If you are tired, it is time to stop and put it away for another day.

Close down the communication channel by taking three cleansing breaths and saying thank you three times. Also, send a thought of love to your spirit guides and higher self. They do appreciate that!

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