The Meaning Of Karma Within The Akashic Records

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Within the Akashic records, karma is a reflection of a past or current life choice we have made, much like looking in a mirror. Karma exists as a teaching tool.

Karma isn’t bad or good; it is just a teacher that mirrors back to us the energy of a specific choice. Put good out, get good back. The opposite is also true.

What Is The Meaning Of Karma?

There are a lot of misconceptions revolving around the meaning of karma. Some folks think karma can be given to another or received from another person, but it does not work that way. Karma just IS and there is not much more to it. You cannot give karma to someone else as it is a reflection of our thoughts and actions. It reflects back unto yourself much like a mirror. One person cannot give a consequence to another as it is your own. Karma can extend through several lifetimes if the soul fails to understand the teaching lesson behind the choice.

Is Karma Bad?

Karma is a teaching tool for us here on earth. It is an immediate feedback mechanism to help us course correct. Many people think of it as a negative thing. Please realize that it is not a punishment; it is a teaching method. It is also not fate. What more than likely is the case is that someone did not like the resulting feedback they received from an obligation or choice they made, and thus views the experience as negative.

It can also be positive as well. Positive karma is something we have chosen that is in alignment with our soul’s purpose. Sometimes we fail to remember the good things that happen along the way. As I said above; “put good out, get good back”. When a happy incident happens in your life, many times is the result of positive choices made that were in alignment with your divine nature.

Justified Karma

Justified karma is what the soul needs to experience, in many cases to learn an important life lesson. It could have a positive or negative consequence depending on your viewpoint, but remember we assign meaning to everything.

Unjustified Karma

Unjustified karma is a bit different as it is not part of a life lesson in this lifetime. It occurs when the soul made a decision that was not in his best interests, going against his Divine nature. In some cases the weight of that realization can carry forward through many lifetimes if it is not resolved. Until you make a different underlying choice, the same scenarios will keep coming up for you to deal with in present day.

An example of this would be something like choosing a certain job because you felt obligated to follow in the family footsteps. If your choice is out of alignment to your soul level gifts, the energy of obligation shows up as a recurring theme.

You will find yourself presented with many obligations, each different, but they will carry the same underlying theme. You can wonder why you are the one who seems obligated to do something. The cool thing is, once you can see it for what it is, you can then release it.

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Laurra Warnke

Laurra Warnke is an empath and intuitive healer who helps you heal past life issues, emotional traumas, and reconnect with your Divine self. Through spiritual business mentoring, soul level healing, and energy clearing she helps you clarify your life’s purpose, embrace your soul level gifts, and clear energetic misalignments. Heal lifetimes of trauma, get new direction, and find your passion.

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Julie | Clear Sign - January 6, 2012

Hi Laura,

Yes, agreed – there are other things that we can “send” each other, but Karma isn’t one of them.

I just uncovered a major life lesson that apparently has been going on through lifetimes (or so I am told), and that makes perfect sense to me based on how it’s shown up this lifetime. It’s the subject of my most recent post about setting boundaries. I believe this definitely falls under the category of Karma.

    Laurra Warnke - January 6, 2012

    Hi Julie,

    I just read your article. Yes indeed, it definitely fits under the category of karma. That is a great article by the way.

    The best part is when the realization comes and you are able to understand why its there. The lesson is learned and the karma is gone.


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