Choosing a Good Tarot Reader

Choosing a Good Tarot Reader

Learn how to choose a good tarot reader by understanding your needs and expectations. Understand what makes a successful tarot card reading. Find useful tips to connect with someone that is a match in personality, trust, and ethics. Many tarot readings are also combined with psychic readings for a well rounded experience. Learn more about the Tarot.

Getting professional tarot readings is a very personal thing. You want the person doing the reading to be able to relate and resonate with you and be within your comfort zone. So how do you know who can give you a good reading? Who you ultimately end up choosing will probably largely be dependent on how well you resonate with them. Do they make you smile or laugh? Do they have a similar tone in their voice or a dry sense of humor? Even online, you can get a feel for this by reading their website carefully.

Not all readers are meant for all people. Comfort level with the person reading the cards goes a long way in a successful reading. In many cases it comes down to an intuitive feel or gut instinct. But there are some basic things to look out for. Just as you would choose a handyman or plumber with care, common sense prevails.

Tips on Choosing a Good Tarot Card Reader for You

  • Decide if you need to be able to meet with them in person or if you are comfortable with an online, mail, or email reading. If meeting in person, call and ask if you could have a brief 10 minute consultation to get your questions answered before you book a reading.
  • If they have a website, take some time to read many of the pages. Do you get a good feeling? Do you feel as though you place your trust in them? Read their pages slowly to gain an understanding of their services and what they could offer you.
  • Subscribe to their blog or newsletter from their website, if they have one. Get to know the person behind the cards by reading some of the posts and copy that they write. Get a feel if they deal primarily with the present or the future in their readings.
  • If a free tarot reading is offered, take advantage of it to find out if it is really free or not. If they are asking you for payment information up front, then it probably isn’t really free. Note: A free reading is not usually a full reading, it may be a one or three card reading designed to give you a fairly clear idea of what you can expect from a full length reading. Also, it is common practice to ask for your email address in order for them to be able to send you your reading. You can of course unsubscribe at any time.
  • Read their testimonials and reviews carefully. Do they resonate with you? Do they sound sincere? Have others asked similar questions to the ones you wish to ask?
  • Check for a list of ethics or principles on their website or posted in their place of business. You may want to be wary if there are none to be found. By reading these, you can also get a good idea of what types of readings a person will or will not do. For example, most professional psychics will not do readings for legal or court matters and would ask that you consult a qualified attorney instead.
  • Exaggerated claims of accuracy. No tarot reading is 100% accurate, but if getting a professional reading you should be able to expect about 75% accuracy. Do note that each reader has their area of expertise and that may have some bearing on the claims stated, as many readers are highly psychic as well as knowing how to read the tarot cards.

After Your Reading

Once you have chosen a person to answer your question via the tarot cards, keep good notes.

  • Did the reading clarify your question and make you feel empowered, full of energy, and uplifted? If your reading left you feeling let down, you may want to select another reader the next time you decide to have a reading. That particular person may not have been suited to your needs or you may have had your expectations set too high as to what types of questions tarot cards can answer.
  • If having a reading online, keep good notes of the reading you received along with the website name and the name of the reader. Also note whether or not the reading resonated with you and if you felt you were understood. Keep a record of the question you asked as well.

With some of these thoughts, you should be able to make a more informed choice regarding why you would want a professional tarot reading and how to go about choosing a reader that you feel comfortable working with.

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