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Discover your soul level strengths and talents through the Akashic records. Understand how to reconnect to your purposeful gifts.


Embrace Your Soul Purpose

Is this the year you finally start taking action toward bringing your purposeful work to the world? Find out what you need to have in place to create new intentions and habits. The first few weeks of a new year feel so good. The air is rife with resolutions, goals, and good intentions. I remember […]

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Honoring Commitments Can Keep you in Integrity

Do you wonder why real change seems so difficult to accomplish? Find out how honoring your commitments can make change happen fast. In a previous post, I wrote about staying in integrity and one of the things I talked about was honoring your commitments. Living your word is something showing you follow through on a […]

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How to Free Up Your Energy

How much energy do you expend thinking about daily tasks? Find out how to free up your energy, embrace the power of NO, and let go of the mental mind clutter so you can start taking action on what is important to you. Thousands of Repetitive Thoughts We have thousands of thoughts each day and […]

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Three Ways To Tell If You Are Avoiding Your Life Purpose

Are you avoiding your Life Purpose? Do you find yourself confused or frustrated that you cannot seem to figure out what you are meant to do on this Earth this lifetime? I am currently putting together my outline for my new free teleseminar and have definitely run across a recurring theme. It is amazing the […]

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Step Into Your Purposeful Work

Does understanding and living your life purpose need to be difficult? Sometimes we make it much harder than it needs to be. Do you find yourself asking “What am I supposed to be doing with my life?” If you feel that you have been wandering aimlessly for some time and feel stuck in someone else’s […]

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How To Discover Your Soul Purpose

Searching for your soul purpose in life may seem elusive and a daunting task. If you are feeling like something hasn’t clicked yet, ask yourself the questions below. This morning on Facebook, I ran across this very apt quote: “Stop trying hard, and start doing easy.” ~ Paul Piotrowski (Thanks Paul! I loved this!) Does […]

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Are You An Adult Indigo?

Are you an adult indigo? Find out about this group of souls that incarnated with a special here purpose on Earth. Learn about their special challenges and characteristics. Adult Indigos are a group of souls that were sent as forerunners to help in the transition of consciousness of this planet. They have a unique set […]

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