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How To Connect With Your Spirit Guides

Do you find it difficult to connect consistently with your spiritual guidance? Learn 5 tips for connecting with your spirit guides. I recently received this email and thought I would share my answer with everyone, as I think a lot of you have the same questions when it comes to connecting with your spirit guide […]

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My Personal Development Books Short List

I read a lot of self-help and personal development books and I am pretty sure you do too. Sometimes I prefer the feel of books in my hand and sometimes I enjoy the convenience of reading them on my Kindle – which I do really love by the way. I just received a new book […]

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The Real Reasons You Want To Quit Your Day Job

What are the real reasons to quit your day job and step into your purposeful work? The answers go deeper than the logic on the surface. Here are a few deal breakers and warning signals from my own experiences. Have you ever wondered what leads up to making the jump to a new career or […]

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Do You Need More Information To Build Your Spiritual Business?

Do you feel like you need more information to build your spiritual business? Find out how information overload keeps you from listening to your intuition. Did you ever feel like sometimes we are just too connected these days? We have multiple social media choices to choose from and so much of our time gets sucked […]

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How Unhealed Issues Keep You From Stepping Into Your Purposeful Work

Have much self-healing do you need before you get started doing your purposeful work? The answer is much less than you think. Find out why so many intuitive and healers stop themselves before they even get started. This topic is something that comes up with many of my clients during a reading. On one level, […]

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Why You See Repeating Numbers | Intuitive Journal

Have you ever wondered why you see repeating numbers or angel numbers? Many of you see repeating number patterns and sequences like 000, 111, 11:11, 222, 333, 444 555, 666, 777, 888, or 999 and wonder what the relevance is for a certain situation in your life. You might also know them as angel numbers […]

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Energetic Misalignments Within Your Akashic Record

Within your Akashic record energetic misalignments show up as difficulties, drama, and battles. By understanding the underlying energies and root causes of misalignments you gain awareness, insight, and healing around issues that may have plagued you for years. What Is An Energetic Misalignment? Within your Akashic record are imprints of recurring thoughts, deeds, and actions […]

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